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“Proudly Mexican made. Traditions you can taste at Frida Cocina Mexicana & Tequila bar"

Inspired by the one and only Frida Kahlo one of the most famous and loved artist in Mexico we have recreated modern atmosphere combined with Mexican handmade décor. You’ll feel like you are at Frida’s house right in the center of “Coyoacan”, Mexico City.

Come and join us for refined Mexican food in a unique way, unlike anything you've tried before.

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Eating in Mexico

... Street cuisine is very popular in the city and include barbacoa (a specialty of the central highlands), birria (from western Mexico), cabrito (from the north), carnitas (originally from Michoacán), moles (from Puebla and central Mexico), tacos with many different fillings, and large sub-like sandwiches called tortas.

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Food Influences

... Mexican cuisine is elaborate and often tied to symbolism and festivals. Many of the foods of Mexico are complicated because of their relation to the social structure of the country, especially for family and social events.

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In Mexico, the most traditional way to drink tequila is neat, without lime and salt. It is popular in some regions to drink fine tequila with a side of sangrita—a sweet, sour, and spicy drink typically made from orange juice, grenadine (or tomato juice), and hot chiles. Come on in and try our Frida speciality! +view our drinks menu

Our Inspiration | Frida Kahlo

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Authentic Mexican Food, Authentic Mexican Beer, Ambiance and Location.

Mexico is famed for its gastronomy. But beyond the tacos and guacamole of world renown, there are rich and various culinary traditions spanning the whole country. The tastes, smells and textures of traditional Mexican ingredients are an assault on the senses, especially the more exotic items such as maguey worms, ants and fried grasshoppers. But the subtle blend of flavors in dishes such as mole and traditional Mexican salsas are sure to delight the palates of even the most conservative diners.

On coming to Mexico, a taste of the regional cuisines of Yucatan and Oaxaca is a must. The gastronomy of Oaxaca is one of the most famous in Mexico, including its famous mole, tlayudas (long pizza-like tortillas with a variety of traditional toppings) and chapulines (grasshoppers) for the more adventurous. The Yucatecan cuisine offers fewer extremes, but can be relied upon for taste every time. Try the classic dish of cochinita pibil ('pibil' pork), a tasty sauce of pork, orange, red onion and a traditional annatto sauce, slow cooked in an oven just below the ground.

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Contemporary chefs are continually developing Mexican culinary identity, incorporating ingredients and cooking styles from all over the world in a cosmopolitan fusion.

In Mexico City, the range of foods on offer is not limited by the Mexican or Mexican fusion traditions: the historic center and the districts of Polanco, Roma, Condesa and Tlalpan are home to restaurants boasting a truly international gastronomy. Come and join the culinary carnival!

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“Tequila treats you the same way you treat it, if you aggressively slam it back, it will get mad and return the favor.”